Small, delicate flower arrangement in a handmade porcelain vase made by Eva Heynen.


Important! This model with the brown stripe, NOW, I have it in stock! You don't have to wait 3 weeks. (normally The delivery time can take up to 3 weeks.) The vases are handmade, small differences can appear like this they are all unique. Description by Eva Heynen: This small but high vase has the elegance for a few characteristic flowers or for just one flower you really like. Also when you don't have a flower at some (hopefully short :-)) moment, it stands pretty on its Size: ⌀ 5,8 cm x 17,5 cm


Delivery: Will be charged a service cost at the check out.

Pick up in the Atelier: FREE (on appointment). Leuven centrum Pick


Impontant!! I can not gurantee the exact same type of flowers in the  vase. It will be a very similar arrangement in this style, nicely arranged. Similar colour range. I always look for the fresh seasonal flowers, so the availability depends on the wholesaler and season.


Tips for home: Re-cut stems at an angle. Change the water to fresh water every 2nd day. Spray fresh water on it in the morning and evening, to keep them hydrated, they will be grateful and stay fresh and nice longer.

Flowers in Eva Heynen Porcelain Vase