Elegant, pink autumn bouquet. The bouquet on the photo contains minimum 35- 40 flower stems it is a L bouquet. I sure you will recieve the "WOW"



The price includes: bouquet, wrapping, card.


Optional: Vase made by Eva Heynen The vase are handmade, small differences can appear like this they are all unique.


Description by Eva Heynen:


Large Vase: This one is for when you see it all a little bigger. It fits the big arrangements with long stems. The little accents of colour make it possible to combine all the flower you like. ⌀ 10,5 cm x 21 cm


Size: L (on the photo, full with flowers), M (will be less flowers, and balanced with greens)

Delivery: will be charged a service cost at the check out.

Pick up in the Atelier: FREE (on appointment)


Impontant!! your order will be made freshly, from seasonal flowers, in this coloure range. Because it will be made feshly can not guarante the exact same flowers in your bouquet like on the photo, you get a very similar one in this colour range and form.


Re-cut stems at an angle. Change the water to fresh water every 2nd day. Spray fresh water on it, to keep them hydrated, they will be grateful and stay fresh and nice longer.

Pink autumn bouquet

PriceFrom 56,00€