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Flower hair from: ranunculu, roses, Hellebore, etc. It is in a pot which looks like a face.


Flower Arrangement, created fom colourful flowers. Beautiful roses and lisianthus arranged in Biedermeier style.

Flower arrangements

Beautiful flower arrangements from fresh flowers.

You can see a lady who wears beautiful earring designed from fresh and drried flowers.  The earrings are made from cotton flowers.

Floral earrings

Wonderful earrings created from fresh flowers.

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul"

Luther Burbank


"Gravitation is not responsible  for people falling in love"

Albert Einstein

Bridal Bouquet, from white flowers, like lily, tulips and roses. I used pearls and a silver heart shape accesorie in it.

"The details are not the details they make the design"

Charles Eames

Bouquet created flom purple flowers, dark red/bordo and soft orange (salmon) flowers. The flowers are arranged in lush style.


"Flowers don't tell, they show."

Stephanie Skeem

Colourful wreath with many different flowers in it: orchids, lisianthus, roses, hydrangeas etc.

Funeral flowers

"In joy and in sadness, flowers are our constant friend"



Handmade unique pieces.

Christmas Wreath, unique design from dried  materials, and glass spheres. Beautiful butterflies on in from Goodwill. Handmade with love an care. Colours: gold, brown.
Square Stage, it is withe, and standing alone in a room.


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Beautifu different type of roses are lying on a table. They are pink and green.
Pink Feathers


Gradient Purple Red

Ellen Swabey

"Exquisite,elegant and naturally luxurious , if you really want to spoil someone(or even better, yourself) you have come to the right place"


Gradient Purple Red

Nemeth Agnes

"Every time I was amazed about the flowers I got. I like your style just like your kindness. Thank you! "




Gradient Purple Red

Locsei-Balassy Emoke

"A masterpiece, you've really made our big day special! Thank you!!"






  • Authentic flower bouquets 

  • Flower arrangements

  • Bridal bouquets with matching groom flowers, wedding flowers

  • Floral arch/flowers stands etc.

  • Flower Boxes

  • Earrings from fresh flowers or dried flowers /floral earrings 

  • Flowers for weddings or events

  • Weekly/monthly flower delivery to offices/or private customers

  • Flower crowns

  • Funeral flowers, unique wreaths from fresh and dried flowers

Styled photoshoot

Fort bij vechten presents Let’s get Funky

‘The Summer of Love'

Photography: @nadechephotograpy

Review about floral earrings. Lady wears earring from fresh flowers.

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Jutka Poppe, florist, wears earrings, created from fresh flowers.
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