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Wedding Flowers

Welcome at my wedding decorations. All the flower arrangements above are made by me with love and care. You  can choose different packages. The package price is indication, as each wedding is personal, starting form the flower type, colour palette, style etc. We choose it together and make it on your taste. 

The price of the different packages depends on the quantity and type of flowers are used for the decoration. Installation, delivery of the flowers and vases are not included. 


 Wedding bouquet, 2 corsage, flower decorations for the table.. 

230 Euros


Wedding bouquet, 2 corsage, 1 bridesmaid bouquet, flower decorations for the table..

450 Euros


Wedding bouquet, 4 corsage,  bridesmaid bouquet, flower arrangement, 1 flower arrangement for the car.

900 Euros


Wedding Bouquet, 4 corsage,  bridesmaid bouquets, possible flower crown or flower earring, flower petals,

flower arrangements: for the car, possible for the church, for the table, entrance of the venue.

2000 Euros

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