Flower&Taste by Jutka Poppe

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Welcome to my online Flower Shop!


I always thought there is nothing more beautiful than having our hobby as a job. Flower arranging, beside baking, has been my passion,  since I am a child.

 I have been a full time Mother the last few years, followed many courses and gained experience from big floral Designers, about techniques, huge scale floral designs, trends, etc.

I made uncountable bouquets and table arrangements whenever we visited friends and family or we had a family event. They all encouraged me to move forward on this beautiful path, so in 2019 @flowerandtaste inspiration page got born, and there after 2020 October Flower&Taste online shop.


Main services:

Casual and wedding bouquets.

Floral Earrings for weddings, catalog shootings, special

parties, fashion shows.

Flower arrangements for any occasion, from small family events to big Weddings.

 Handmade wreath.