I am so happy that I can offer you these beautiful vases, handmade by Eva Heynen. They are easy to combine with any flower.


Description by Eva Heynen: Small vase: This small but high vase has the elegance for a few characteristic flowers or for just one flower you really like. Also when you don't have a flower at some (hopefully short :-)) moment, it stands pretty on its own.


⌀ 5,8 cm x 17,5 cm Medium Vase: This vase is the most all round size and fits almost every arrangement. It's not too high nor too short. All these porcelain vases can be washed in the dishwasher.


⌀ 8 cm x 17 cm Large Vase: This one is for when you see it all a little bigger. It fits the big arrangements with long stems. The little accents of colour make it possible to combine all the flower you like.


⌀ 10,5 cm x 21 cm If you would like custom made porcelain vases, or other beautiful items pls. contact the Designer directly, she will be